Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Project Started

Well, it's mid-October, and I'm starting on the new project: the Apple Pie Yacht Tender (see Future Projects for description and plans). I bought the plywood for this small rowing boat a few weeks ago and decided to start cutting the necessary panels today.

Here you can see the bottom and two sides. These were cut from 1/4" ply. It took longer to draw and fair the curves than it took to cut and plane the panels themselves. I cut one side, then used it as a template to cut the other.

I'm going to be right busy working over the next couple of weeks. The Plymouth, NC boatshow is next Saturday, and I'm planning on attending that. Next week, I'll be in Northern VA and Laurel MD for the whole week. I doubt much will be done on the project before I get back. If I do get fortunate enough to work on it, I'll post the progress here.

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