Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time's A-Wastin'!

Well, it's mid-November, and the weather's starting to cool down quickly. In fact, we've already seen freezing temperatures at night. Obviously, I didn't finish by the end of October as I'd planned, but the work continues.

The picture above shows the hatch frames glued together (at least I hope they'll stay together). The smaller one on the left is the front hatch, the larger is the rear hatch.

I also cut and scarfed the front deck. Right now, it's waiting for the epoxy to set and cure (under the cinder blocks I use to "clamp" it together).

Finally, I glued and nailed the rear deck into place. It still needs to be trimmed, but it's looking pretty good. The picture to the left shows the view from the rear, while the one to the right shows a view from the front.

Next week is Thanksgiving. Janet and I are leaving on Wednesday to head north for the annual family get-together and won't be back until sometime Saturday night or Sunday. Unless I decide to take a Long Lunch on one of the workdays this week, I doubt that there'll be much done on the 'yak. If there is, you know where to find it.

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Jeremy said...

Looks like you are making some real progress. Better hurry though and finish soon as I know you won't be able to wait until spring to launch it once you are finished. :-)