Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did I Say I Was Finished?

After a not-so-successful outing this morning, I came back home with some ideas on modifying the cockpit to make entry and exit easier. Before I get any comments, let me acknowledge that if I was about 30 lbs. lighter these changes wouldn't be necessary. I won't bore you with pictures; you can look at my shins from the initial launch (March 21, 2008) and see what they look like now.

First thing I did (after screwing up the courage) was cut 1/4" from around the front of the cockpit. Then I carved out the bottom lamination of the front beam. The plans called for three, I put in four for strength. My bad. Finally, I took the seat out and replaced it with a foam pad velcroed to the back of the cockpit. Actually more comfortable (for me, at least). Tried a "dry" entry and it was much easier.

Now I'm off to work on the rain barrels. Need to see if I can get someone to accompany me to the lake next weekend to try out what I've changes. I'm not going ot finish (i.e., epoxy and varnish) until I'm sure it will work.

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