Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yet More Modification

Should have posted this on Monday, but got side-tracked. I took the boat out again on Monday evening and found that, while I was able to get into the cockpit, I still scraped my shins. You will recall that I enlarged the front of the cockpit by an inch and removed part of the lowest lamination of the forward beam. The scrape was being caused by what remained of that lamination.

So back to the house and up on the sawhorses goes the boat. Did some liberal (albeit, careful) work with the mallet and chisel to remove what remained of the lamination. Then took the trusty belt sander and smoothed it all out.

Had hoped to get to the water this evening, but the weather gods are in the way. Maybe it'll clear out before sunset.

I have ordered a cockpit cover (for when it's traveling on the truck) and a sprayskirt (for when I'm traveling in it). Cover should be delivered tomorrow. No ETA as yet on the sprayskirt.

So far, I've had a ball!

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Will Lurcott said...

Very impressive, a demonstration of tenacity and focus. Nice work, Stu! Congrats on the new grandbaby, too. (Using a friend's google account) Blessings, Will Lurcott