Monday, September 3, 2007

The Beginning

(This was taken from a website I had started before this one)

"The Journey to Storm Dancer"

About the Builder

My name is Stuart Nottingham. During the week, I'm a not-so-mild-mannered accounting systems consultant. Weekends (and often in the evenings), I'm an active participant in the governance of my local homeowners association.

In my younger years, I was an avid outdoor type. I enjoyed hiking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. Even dabbled in rock-climbing a bit. As I've aged (and gotten much more sedentary than I should have), I've left the outdoors behind me. Now I want to get back.

As part of that journey, I've decided to build my own touring kayak. This site will chronicle the process.

About the Boat

To start, I read two books on alternate methods of building a kayak. The first, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak by Nick Schade, covered building the kayak using a frame and cedar strips. The second, The Kayak Shop by Chris Kulczycki, presented the stitch-and-glue plywood method.

After reading both of these books, I decided that the first boat I build will be the stitch-and-glue model. I purchased plans for an 18' Cape Charles from Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis, MD. This design was created by Chris Kulczycki and illustrated in his book.

The major component for the kayak (plywood) was purchased in October, 2006, during a trip to New Bern for the annual Ghost Walk. Staying with Janet's cousin and his wife, I went to Beaufort and purchased marine grade plywood at Atlantic Veneers. One task down.

While I had an old table saw, it was missing the mitre gauge and rip fence. I found them for $180, but found a whole table saw for sale on Craig's List. Deciding I really didn't need two table saws, I sold my old one and found a radial arm saw (again on Craig's List).

For Christmas 2006, my family lent their support by giving me hand tools and books that will help. Stuart III has already put in an order for one of the sailboats.

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