Monday, September 3, 2007

Where We Are

OK, so I'm actually jumping in with a fair amount of work already done. I've cut the plywood, scarfed the pieces of the hull together, shaped the sides and the bottom, and stitched the sides together and the two halves of the bottom together. At this point, I can actually see a boat!!

It's been an experience. So far I've learned that 1/4 inch plywood scarfed together to make 18 foot long pieces is fragile; as a result, my boat will be 17'9" instead of 18'1".

I've learned that it pays to measure at least twice, preferably three or more times. This boat will take an extra 1/2 sheet of plywood as a result.

I've learned that you can find good tools on Craig's List.

Finally, I've learned that you can't have too much space. I'm building in my garage which is 14X30 in the area I'm working; however, shelves, tools, and the boat do a fine job of filling the space.

The next step is to stitch the bottom of the hull to the sides. This will take place some evenings during the week and (hopefully) next weekend. Then it's time to break out the fiberglass.