Monday, October 22, 2007

Baby steps

I've gotten a few things done. Got the seat bottom in and decided that in order to make sure the foot braces were best located, I had to sit in it.

Took the kayak off the sawhorses (thank God it wasn't epoxied to them) and took it outside to the grass. With Janet's help, I marked where the braces would be comfortable. While I had it out, I had Janet take a pic or two of me sitting in the boat. I really can fit into this thing!! Did find out that the epoxy is still a bit tacky.

Next step, install the bulkheads. Headed off to work on cardboard templates for them. Then install the decking. I'm also going to order the straps for the hatchwork so it'll be in hand when I'm ready.


Mark said...

Great looking boat but isn't it suppose to be in water?
Seriously though, I am impressed.

Stuart Nottingham said...

Anyone can paddle in water, takes a man to create a wake in dirt.