Sunday, October 28, 2007


I installed the bulkheads this afternoon. The plans call for either 3" closed cell foam or plywood. I went with the foam because 1. it will add flotation and 2. more importantly, it's easier to shape and place (it compresses).

I couldn't find 3" thick foam, so I glued three 3/4" sheets together. Ordering the 3" would have cost close to $300, while I was able to get the 3/4" as remnants from an upholsterer for $40. I used Gorilla Glue to put the sheets together.

I created templates from posterboard for each template. My next challenge was cutting the foam. After trying to buy a cheap bread knife without driving to Raleigh, I used a hacksaw blade. Worked passably well.

Finally, I glued the bulkheads into place using marine adhesive caulk (3M 5200). Now, it's wait three to four days for the caulk to cure sufficiently for me to cut the decks.

My bungee cord was delivered from Karst Sports. I'm still waiting for my Fastex buckles and nylon webbing. Should be here this week.

More to come

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