Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Little Bit More, A Little Bit More....

Not much since last week at this time. I started getting ready to put the deck on and stopped. It made more sense to me to put the bulkheads, foot braces, and seat in while there's no deck on it. So, I cut out the pieces of the aforementioned assemblies (except the seat and bulkheads; will do that soon, though) and glued them together. In the first pic today, you can see the foot braces in their approximate position in the hull. These are just two pieces of wood glued together that will be glued and screwed into place inside the hull.

The second picture shows the seatback on the form to shape it. Y'all have seen the form before; it's the same one that I used for the front deck beam.

So what have I been doing, you may ask, if I haven't been working on the kayak? Well, this past Saturday Lake Royale sponsored their first triathlon. Now before anyone asks, I didn't take part in it as an athlete, but was a volunteer on the water during the swim portion. A number of us who canoe and kayak were out there to help anyone who found themselves over their head. We all did so well at it that we're being recruited to help out in another one this week at Falls Lake. I've got a board (bored?) meeting so I won't be able to help out on that one.

It's starting to look unlikely that I'll be finished by my self-imposed Halloween deadline. Which means it may be spring before I launch her. Janet and I are going next Saturday to the Wooden Boat Festival in Plymouth, NC. I'll take some pics there so that you'll have something besides my efforts to look at.

More later!

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